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“For I want not only to share my faith with you but to be encouraged by yours.

                                                                      Romans 1:12

My prayer is to share God’s love through inspiring and creative ways of presenting His message.  I look forward to working with your group or ministry to customize a drama, sketch or speaking engagement to meet your needs.


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“I was one of the catechists who appreciated your presentation very much...You were so awesome and your message was so inspiring!”                                                               

                                                       ~Mona K.

                                                         Katy, Tx

My daughter gave me every detail the minute I walked in the door from work...Loved it! Walking in the door from work and having your children over the top excited talking about Anna and Martha and Jesus... PRICELESS!!  

                                      ~Parent of St. Anne School Student 

                                                                                Houston, Tx